12th International Congress on Catalysis (Studies in Surface by A. Corma, F.V. Melo, S. Mendioroz, J.L.G. Fierro

By A. Corma, F.V. Melo, S. Mendioroz, J.L.G. Fierro

The 12th Congress on Catalysis used to be held in Granada (Spain) below the auspices of the foreign organization of Catalysis Societies and the Spanish Society of Catalysis. those four-volume complaints are the expression of the clinical classes which constituted the most physique of the Congress.

They contain five plenary lectures, 1 award lecture, eight keynote lectures, 124 oral displays and 495 posters. The oral and poster contributions were chosen at the foundation of the studies of at the very least overseas reviewers, in keeping with criteria equivalent to these used for specialized journals.

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P426 A Sulfur Based Catalytic Systemfor the Carbonylative Reduction and the Reductive Carbonylation . V . Macho and M. ch — em 为 j. 化 cn 学 找 个 化 lix P427 Rapid Synthesis of Ketenes From Carboxylic Acids on Functionalized Silica Monoliths R. C. A. Barteau . 3495 P428 Nitroaldol Condensation Promoted by Organic Bases Tethered to Amorphous Silica and MCM-41-Type Materials F. Bigi, S. Carloni, R. Maggi, A. Mazzacani and G. Sartori. 3501 P429 Alcoholysis of Ester and Epoxide Catalyzed by Solid Bases H.

V. Isaguliants P285 Side Chain Methylation of Toluene and Ethylbenzene with Dimethylcarbonate over Alkaline X-Zeolite R. Bal and S. Sivasanker . P286 The effect of the particle size on methanol conversion to ligh olefins De Chen, K. Moljord and A. ch — em 为 j. 化 cn 学 找 个 化 xlvii P287 Synthesis of N-Isopropylacrylamide Synthesis Acrylonitrile and Isopropyl Alcohol over Solid Acids X . Chen, H. Matsuda and T. Okuhara 2657 P288 Pumice as Catalyst in the Claus Reaction A. Brito, R. Larraz, R. T. E.

Hagen and J. Heemsoth . M. M. Gomez Sainero, L. L. Seoane and A. Arcoya 2525 . P266 Effect of Lanthanum Doped y-A1203 in the Selectivity of Reforming Pt-Pb Supported Catalysts. G. del Angel, G. Torres and V. Bertin . 2531 P267 Regeneration and Oxidation-Reduction Cycles of Vapor Phase and Incipient Wetness Impregnation Pt/KL Catalysts F. Ghadiali, G. Jacobs, A. Pisanu, A. E. E. A. K. P. V. L. I. A. S. Bal'zhinimaev. 2543 P269 Porous 12-TungstophosphoricAlkaline Salts for Isobutane/Butene Alkylation.

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