77 by Crispin Black

By Crispin Black

How may perhaps a second of triumph concerning the Olympic Bid develop into a disaster? those poor occasions keep on with at the carrying on with revelations that the intelligence reviews that have been the government's foundation for the invasion of Iraq have been deeply improper and the hot admission by way of the Ministry of Defence that it didn't foresee the dimensions and ferocity of the Iraq insurgency. whatever is especially flawed in how Britain collects and analyses intelligence. In "7-7: What Went Wrong?", Crispin Black indicates that primary flaws in our present method of calibrating and realizing the terrorist hazard -- an unwillingness for example to tackle board the consequences of our overseas coverage on loyalty at domestic and a regularly slack method of border safeguard have produced a poisonous risk to nationwide safety. Taken all jointly there's the uncomfortable suspicion that rather than accumulating intelligence, their objective is to thrill their masters. In his compelling and authoritative research, Black exhibits the...

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Then some minutes later we heard a detonation—muffled but distinct. I had certainly been bombed before—by the Argentine Naval Air force in their daring attacks on the landing ships at Bluff Cove in 1982—and I had heard bombs going off in Belfast in the mid 1980s. This bomb was nearby, but there was no concussion or shock wave and no windows broken—so it was small. It was a Belfast-type bomb rather than anything more dramatic. Small and possibly very nasty, but not on a grand scale. As we were certain it was a bomb, the ‘power surges’ were probably bombs too.

The BBC’s mock-up version was very much like the real thing. But, chillingly, in the scenario we played out a series of suicide tube bombs were just the prelude to a suicide detonation of a fully-laden chlorine tanker on Bishopsgate. In the exercise we were just about able to handle the tube bombs, but the chlorine tanker caused mass casualties and we were effectively overwhelmed. Was something like this about to happen for real? I was like most Londoners that day afraid—partly of what had happened, but partly also of what more might happen during the day.

2 The Rules of the Game MI5, MI6 & others On 2 June the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), which reports to the head of MI5 and is responsible for assessing the threat from international terrorism to the UK, lowered the national alert state from ‘severe general’ to ‘substantial’ with the words ‘at present there is not a group with both the current intent and the capability to attack the UK’. A confident prediction you would think, important enough for the JTAC to communicate to its ‘customers’—the intelligence and security agencies of the United Kingdom and other institutions and private companies thought to be of importance to the national infrastructure and economy—but not to the general public.

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