A Case of Conscience (After Such Knowledge, Book 1) by James Blish

By James Blish

After Such Knowledge (the name taken from a T. S. Eliot quote) is a chain of novels written through James Blish, every one facing a facet of the cost of wisdom. the 1st released, A Case of Conscience (a winner of the 1959 Hugo Award in addition to 2004/1953 Retrospective Hugo Award for most sensible Novella), confirmed a Jesuit priest faced with an alien clever race, it seems that unfallen, which he ultimately concludes needs to be a Satanic fabrication. the second one, Doctor Mirabilis, is a ancient novel concerning the medieval proto-scientist Roger Bacon. The 3rd, inclusive of very brief novels, Black Easter and The Day After Judgment, used to be written utilizing the belief that the ritual magic for summoning demons as defined in grimoires really labored. In Black Easter, a robust industrialist and palms service provider arranges to name up demons and set them unfastened on the planet for an evening, leading to nuclear battle and the destruction of civilization; The Day After Judgment is dedicated to exploring the army and theological consequences.

Originally released in 1959 by means of Faber and Faber.

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What is perhaps most striking about Brooks’s private writings during and immediately after his seminary days is the relative absence of traditional evangelical themes. He read a great deal of history, biography, and poetry in the tiny library at Alexandria. He was struck by many passages treating truth, beauty, and moral duty and these he earnestly copied into his notebooks. Yet what is largely missing from these pages is probably most revealing. There are very few references to the cross, to the role of faith for an individual believer, and almost no reference at all to the theme of religious conversion.

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