Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere: Chemistry and Physics of by Guy P. Brasseur, Susan Solomon

By Guy P. Brasseur, Susan Solomon

"[…] an attractive and well-written assessment of the present prestige of our wisdom of the composition of the center surroundings and the fundamental radiative, dynamical and photochemical tactics which continue it."
(Bulletin American Meteorological Society)

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W = a cos¢> at/> P. 25) where P. = Po exp( - z/H), and Po is a reference density. The operator d( )/dt is defined as d a u a a v a -d t = -+ - - + --+wat a cos¢> a)... 25) are called the primitive equation~ because they contain almost no approximations, except for those of hydrostatic balance, the neglect of Coriolis acceleration terms due to the horizontal component of the Earth's rotation vector, and the substitution of a for r. 23b) are statements of Newton's second law of motion applied to a fluid continuum.

In this section these equations are presented in a relatively simple form. 6. The circulation of the Earth's atmosphere is governed by three basic principles: these are Newton's laws of motion, and conservation of energy and of mass. Newton's second law describes the response of a fluid to external forces. 1) - + -'Vp + 2flxv = g + r dt p where v represents the vector speed of an air parcel, p is pressure, p is the mass per unit volume, n is the angular rotation rate of the Earth, g is the gravitational acceleration, F is the frictional force due to viscosity, and t is time.

The spectrum corresponding to these transitions will be banded at discrete wavelengths. ) 0::: W Z W INTERNUCLEAR DISTANCE Fig. 4. Typical potential energy curves for a diatomic molecule. 6 Fig. 5. Potential energy diagram for the principal states of the oxygen molecule. Adapted from Gilmore (1964). ~ a: w z w xv X+V INTERNUCLEAR 01 STANCE Fig. 6. Potential energy curves for a predissociative process in a diatomic molecule. Herzberg continuum and Schumann-Runge bands and continuum. 5, where these transitions are indicated.

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