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34:14. 14. See Reuben Margulies's collection of the talmudic and midrashic traditions in his Malakhei 'Elyon (Jerusalem, 1945), pp. 235-37. 15. This tradition was preserved in Midrash Avkir and elsewhere; see G. Scholem, Kabbalah, p. 357 (and the detailed bibliography there concerning Lilith, pp. 360-61). 16. D. , Hebrew University, 1977. 17. The later version is the one found in Bereshit Rabbati by Rabbi Moses ha-Darshan. SAMAEL, LILITH, AND THE CONCEPT OF EVIL 21 later compilator. This distinction between the two versions, proved conclusively by Yassif, can shed some light on the history of Lilith and how she became Samael's spouse.

See Scholem's note (Qabbalot, p. 89, n. 4). Samael is identified with the north not only because of the biblical tradition that evil comes from the north, but also because of the possible reading of his name as "left," which is identical with north (if facing east). " 6. My translation was prepared with the assistance of Mr. E. Hanker of Berkeley, California. 7. These names are in fact identical, because the snake (nahash) had the form of a camel (gamal) before he was cursed; this midrashic tradition was included in the Book Bahir, sec.

Meaning: spiritual 80. From the Hebrewkaroz,crier. 81. From the Hebrewmasakh,curtain. 82. Scholem, Qabbalot, pp. 87-88. Still, the idea that the destroyedworldswereones of unmitigatedevil, whichcausedtheirdestruction, to be replacedby a world in which good and evil are combined, is based on Rabbi Eleazar'sspeculation. V The comparisonbetweenRabbi Isaac ha-Kohen'streatiseon the "Left Emanations"and those sourceswhich we can identifywith some extent of certaintydoes not diminishthe impact of Rabbi Isaac'soriginalconcepts, but ratherenhancesit.

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