Glass House by Patrick Reinken

By Patrick Reinken

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The Open Economy and its Enemies: Public Attitudes in East Asia and Eastern Europe

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His head was wrapped in a soft red cloth, its tails draping off his shoulders, much like those of the man smoking in the other corner. Allen Saifee, the second man, was Egyptian by ancestry and a Chicagoan by birth. He wore American knock-offs that looked dated to 1978 or so. He had gray wool slacks that were tattered at the cuffs. Socks, colored dark blue, and sandals. A cotton shirt, cream-colored and worn at the elbows. ” Hanley asked. ” Hanley sat back. ” “It’s your neighborhood, your watch, and you haven’t known long?

The stone was warm, heated by the hours of contact with his body, and he folded his fingers against his palm to conceal it. He felt its smooth surfaces and hard shape against his skin. Anthony bent beside the truck. In the growing darkness, he ran a hand along the arch of the rear wheel well on the driver’s side. He reached under, tapping along the metal of the truck body until he found what he wanted, and then pressed the good, solid pink rough into a small carrier that was welded between the well and the truck’s back bumper.

Unknown. Any equipment he may have had will be incidental. Anyone else in there wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of it. ” “Then go with that, and make it as soon as possible. ” Saifee asked. He smiled again, this one genuine but more bitter. “I’d like to find Anthony Dikembé. ” Hanley rose. He sorted through a handful of Egyptian pound notes and dropped some of the money on the table. “That’d work,” he said, slipping the rest beneath his robe. ” They moved to the café door and into the sunlight, squinting at its brightness.

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