Riemannian Geometry. Modern Introduction by Isaac Chavel

By Isaac Chavel

This booklet presents an creation to Riemannian geometry, the geometry of curved areas, to be used in a graduate direction. Requiring purely an figuring out of differentiable manifolds, the writer covers the introductory principles of Riemannian geometry by means of a range of extra really expert themes. additionally featured are Notes and workouts for every bankruptcy, to improve and enhance the reader's appreciation of the topic. This moment version, first released in 2006, has a clearer therapy of many issues than the 1st variation, with new proofs of a few theorems and a brand new bankruptcy at the Riemannian geometry of surfaces. the most issues listed here are the impression of the curvature at the ordinary notions of classical Euclidean geometry, and the recent notions and concepts influenced via curvature itself. thoroughly new issues created via curvature contain the classical Rauch comparability theorem and its results in geometry and topology, and the interplay of microscopic habit of the geometry with the macroscopic constitution of the gap.

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Q∈V Similarly, we define S(q; ) = {ξ ∈ Mq : |ξ | = }, S(V ; ) = Sq = S(q; 1), S(q; ). 1. For each p ∈ M, there exists p in M such that > 0 and a neighborhood U of (i) any two points of U are joined by a unique geodesic in M of length < ; (ii) the geodesic depends differentiably on its endpoints; and (iii) for each q ∈ U , expq maps B(q; ) diffeomorphically onto an open set in M. Proof. Let W be the open set in T M described above. Then, for any p ∈ M, there exists a neighborhood V of p in M and an > 0 such that B(V ; ) ⊆ W .

Here, in addition to the references cited in the introduction to this chapter, we just note the influential two-volume treatise of Kobayashi–Nomizu (1969) on the general foundations – from connections through Riemannian metrics through curvature through the first level of specializations of areas in differential geometry, for example, curvature and geodesics, homogeneous spaces, K¨ahler manifolds, etc. For works more exclusively devoted to intrinsic Riemannian geometry see, for example, Cheeger–Ebin (1975), do Carmo (1992), Gallot–Hulin–Lafontaine (1987), Gromoll–Klingenberg–Meyer (1968), Klingenberg (1982), Lang (1995), Lee (1997), O’Neill (1983), and Petersen (1998) – just to name a few!

Suppose we are given a Riemannian submersion π : M → N . 9. Notes and Exercises 45 V p in M p . With each q ∈ N , ξ ∈ Nq , and p ∈ π −1 [q], we associate a unique horizontal lift ξ ∈ H p satisfying π∗ ξ = ξ. 13. (a) Show that if T , S are vertical vector fields, and X is a horizontal vector field, on M, then [T, S], X = 0. (b) Show that if X , Y are horizontal vector fields, and T is a vertical vector field, on M then, for any p in M, [X, Y ], T ( p) depends only on the values of X, Y, T at the point p.

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